Takuya Kimura

Do you guys watch Japanese drama? If you do then you know Takuya Kimura. He has been the leading male actor since the 90s and he is still playing going strong. Well, at least it seems so.

He appeared in Cannes for his new movie. However, the focus was not on his movie. Not much. It was on his look. He appeared older with a puffy face.

He is like the Brat Pitt of Japan. How can he look bad? His aging appearance affects more people than the Tsunami and crashing of the yen.

God, please do something with him.


Takuya Kimura

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Yes, another one. This one the movie studio claims it’s a final installment. At least, that’s what they call it. I was not a huge fan. I watched a couple of them and remember them vaguely. But the trailer caught my eyes and ears.

Trailer Resident Evil : The Final Chapter

Guns n Roses’s Paradise City was playing in the background. It’s a strange choice considering the hit came one in 1987 according to Wikipedia. It’s older than most of the younger movie goers. Not to mention most of themĀ  are non-White. How is a Heavy Metal classic going to make today’s movie audience happy? Drake and Kany West are better choices.

Perhaps that is why they are re-editing the music to make it sound less like a heavy metal band. Yup, they blackwash Guns N Roses. Imagine, if they take out the nasal noise of a Issac Hayes vocal track? The media would call that whitewash.

I think most people will stay away from this one until they reboot the franchise with an entire black casts.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

#3 issue

Yes, I just finished the #3 of llamaburger last night. Submitted to comixology and waiting for approved. I used to dread waiting for them to get back to me. Now, I learned to distract myself with something else. Something constructive like the storyboard of #4. And play the piano.

But Comixology is not that bad. Yes, the initial round of submission and approval takes about a year. But once they approved you, the rest are a lot quicker. I love them. I will continue to sell my graphic novel on them.

Enjoy your weekend.

#3 issue